About Us

In order to produce a roof of excellent quality, we have adopted these principles:

  • Use the best products and manufacturers
  • Use men in the installation process who are well-trained and quality-minded
  • Involve project managers, superintendents, and foremen who are dedicated to safety and quality
  • Do all parts of work with honesty and integrity by installing products and components that were in the proposal


Bill E. Livengood Owner

  • With 30+ years of experience, Bill started his career as a serviceman detecting leaks in old roofs. Over the years, he moved from sales to management. Through his vast experience and knowledge of the company, Bill has acquired the insight and skills necessary to provide the best roofing service possible.

    Chris McClintock Project Manager, Lincoln

  • With 30+ years of experience, Chris began his career installing and repairing roofs. Chris currently works in sales and commercial low-slope roof projects and service work for the South Nebraska and South Lincoln areas.

    Jeff Scott Project Manager, Lincoln

  • With 20+ years of experience, Jeff began his career installing and repairing roofs. Jeff currently works in sales and manages low-slope roof projects and service work for the North Nebraska and North Lincoln areas.

    Ken Hain Steep Slope Roofing Manager and Sales, Lincoln

  • With 30+ years of experience in the roofing and building industry, Ken started his career in the building construction area for the first 11 years. For the past 20 years, he has been managing and estimating steep-slope roofing such as standing seam metal, slate and tile, large shingle and composite slate roofing. Ken graduated at The University of Nebrasak-Lincoln with an architectural degree which gives him additional expertise in designing and estimating steep-slope roofing projects.

    Gerardo Antonio SanchezManager, Omaha,

  • With 13+ years of experience in roofing, Gerardo started his career with residential roofing and then spent 7 years as a commercial serviceman for our commercial division. He is now currently managing our Omaha division and is using his well-rounded experience to meet our customer's needs.

    Vern Cline Manager, Grand Island

  • With 30+ years of experience, Vern began his career installing and repairing roofs. He currently manages the Grand Island location and specializes in re-roofing roofs and servicing existing roofs in the Grand Island area.


    Commercial Customers

    Last year I talked to Weathercraft about problems with the roof at our Maintenance yard. We had you come out and do a 100% replacement of ridge caps on our roof. On October 3rd, 2013, what had started out as a F2 tornado (most likely dropped to F1) came right through our area. It destroyed 5 buildings just over the hill west of here, it caused tree damage, light pole damage on the other side of the highway, equipment was moved around and flipped over, and windows on vehicles were knocked out here in the yard.

    My point is that we had absolutely NO damage or issues with the roof or ridge caps at all. I do know the wind speed rating on this product but the proof is here that this is a good product and the installation was done very well.

    I would hope we continue to use Weathercraft for any future metal roofing needs. My appreciation and thanks to all.

    I would like you to know how much of a positive impact Weathercraft had on the Pinnacle Bank Arena project and would also like to express my appreciation for the excellent service you and your team provided. The Pinnacle Bank Arena project (in particular) was an extremely challenging and complex project with a tight schedule. And, as you know, enclosure milestones are a huge factor in the success of any project. Without the proactive approach Weathercraft engaged during the project, I can honestly say this milestone would have not been met. Futhermore, you guys completed it with ZERO injuries and ZERO re-work! This is an outstanding accomplishment for any high risk construction project. Truly the best roofing contractor I have had the pleasure of working with! I look forward to the opportunity to work together again.

    thumb Mortenson Construction

    We want to thank you Aaron, and all involved in the roof replacement. You did it without interfering in our scheduled activities. Thank you again for a job well done.

    thumb Board of Properties

    Residential Customers

    Your company just finished replacing my roof at 5640 Hickory Crest Road in Lincoln. You may be aware of the uniqueness of my previously hand-bent cedar wood roof, and the amount of effort it took to reframe my roof structure into a conventional design and install IR-4 asphalt shingles, facial, soffit, and gutters. It was a long, time-consuming job.

    I want to personally make you aware of the superior service I received by everyone who worked on my roof project.

    Specifically from the moment I contacted Gerardo Sanchez-Carrillo, I was treated with the utmost respect, given an enhanced amount of information on my roofing options, and was treated exactly as one wants to be treated in this situation. It required many visits to determine the best way to proceed with replacing my roof and Gerardo always made the time to explain my options and help me choose the best materials for the job. The bidding process showed full transparency and Gerardo took the initiative to explain the project details to my insurance company when they needed answers. I literally can not say enough good things about Gerardo. He showed the patience of a saint dealing with my many phone calls, on-site visits, & emails, and was a true professional in every aspect of the word. Gerardo was a real pleasure to interact with and is, in my opinion, a truly valuable asset to the Weathercraft company.

    Once work began on my house, it went exceptionally smooth with virtually no issues and within the time frame I was originally promised. Since I work at my home, I had the opportunity to survey the efforts being done on a daily basis, and see the care that was put into this project. I was able to discuss with the individuals on-site any issues or thoughts as needed. To everyone's credit, all my concerns were immediately addressed, and I really enjoyed the back and forth discussions on how best to reframed my roof and insure the job was completed to my satisfaction. Rest assured I could not be happier with the overall effort of Weathercraft Co.

    I would like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on Rick Silva. Rick, as you know, handled much of the reframing efforts my roof required. He was always open to suggestions, answered my every question, showed extreme attention to detail, and did a wonderful, quality job. He is to be commended for his skills and the efforts of his entire crew.

    As a backstory, my roof project spanned 3 years. I started asking for bids and roofing suggestions/options back in 2013. Most of the roofing companies I contacted in Lincoln either did not have the ability to complete my job, or never followed up on the actual quote process. In one case, I had a signed contract but the roofer backed out at the last minute! Overall, I received shockingly bad service from a vast majority of local roofing contractors.

    To your company's credit (and again, especially due to Gerardo), Weathercraft shined brightly in this respect. I commend you on instilling such amazing care for your customers in your company's culture.

    Please accept my personal thanks,

    thumb Georg Joutras

    Your employees do a great job!!!

    thumb Fran O'Leary

    Thanks to Leo for promptly responding to my roof problems following the storm over Labor Day. I have no doubt that the leak had been been developing over time and I was unaware of it. I'm so glad to have it repaired. Leo worked hard to get it done before the next rain.

    I appreciate it.

    thumb Jeanette Schneckloth

    Just a note to commend Gerardo on his friendliness and professionalism in estimating the roof repair job and completing the work on schedule.

    thumb Dennis Adams

    Gerardo did a very good job of coordinating with me. He kept me informed!

    thumb Virginia G. Johnson

    We were very pleased with the job done - timeliness, clean up, good communication, etc..!

    thumb Mary Nelson

    Thanks to Vern for all his help with the shingle project on my property. Frank and his crew did a wonderful job. I greatly appreciated the extra care they took and I really appreciated the excellent job of cleaning up the old shingle pieces, nails, etc... They were such a pleasant group of men. Thanks again to all of them!

    P.S. I've received compliments from neighbors and friends!

    thumb Jan Dyer, Grand Island